Reports are presented in bound colour or electronic formats. Each report lists all items inspected, and any areas of concerned are accompanied by a thermal image along with suggested remedial action.


A priority rating schedule along with suggested remedial action plans are included for prioritising rectification works. Where faults of a life or property threatening situation are detected, notification will be immediately made to the client’s representative.
Ultimately it is the owner or plant operator’s responsibility to implement or gain further advice of the recommended repairs contained within this report.  Each thermal image is uniquely identified to correspond with a label placed upon the affected equipment for ready identification by maintenance personnel.
Priority Rating Temp Rise ΔTC Recommended Action
1 >40C Corrective Action required immediately
2 >20C - 40C Corrective Action required as soon as possible
3 >10C - 20C Corrective Action required at scheduled maintenance
4    5C - 10C Condition monitor. Possible fault developing
-     - No Fault. Re-scan within 12 months

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